“A world where all people live free of sexual violence and oppression”.

The Ontario Coalition recognizes that any sexual act that takes place without the consent of all parties is sexual assault. The Coalition recognizes that sexual assault is an act of aggression, violence, and power against women, not an act of sexual passions. There are conditions and environments which also make children and men victims of sexual assault. The victim is never responsible for the assault. The Ontario Coalition recognizes the necessity of women being assertive, self-sufficient, and self-caring.

The Sexual Assault Survivors' Centre is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to:

  • Assisting victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse
  • Ensuring that a comprehensive range of crisis, support, counselling, information and advocacy services is available to those who have been sexually assaulted and sexually abused.
  • Encouraging coordination and networking among organizations providing services to victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse.
  • Working towards the prevention and elimination of coercive sexual behaviour.