We offer various different types of groups to our clients. Groups vary from having social goals and outcomes to being more therapeutic in nature or can be life skill oriented. All groups are facilitated by our counsellors and are FREE of charge.

Table Talks – Weekly supportive meeting for clients to engage in enhancing coping strategies and wellbeing.

Drop-In Group – Bi- Weekly social group for female clients looking for comradery and creativity.

Peer Support Group – Monthly supoortive meeting for male clients looking for comradery and connection.

Supporting the Survivor In your Life - Workshop to help family, friends and support people understand the effects of sexual trauma and enhance skills necessary to helping empower the Survivor in your life.

Youth Group - Workshop to educate and empower youth. Topics may include internet safety, self-esteem, healthy relationships, consent & assertiveness.

If you are interested in group support, please contact us directly with any questions.