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What to do if you are Sexually Abused

  • Call Police if you are in danger
  • Decide whether you want to report the assault to the police
  • Preserve all evidence. DO NOT shower, bathe, douche, brush teeth, comb hair, use toilet or change clothing
  • Call the Crisis Line (519)337-3320
  • Seek emotional support
  • Take care of your health, seek medical attention
  • Write down details of the assault as soon as possible

What you can do for yourself

  • Talk to a supportive person you trust
  • Keep a journal, write poetry, or draw to express your feelings
  • Read: Excellent books are available, either for facts or for pleasure
  • Contact your local Sexual Assault Survivors' Centre to see about supports you may access

What to do if someone you know is Sexually Abused

  • Talk to a supportive person you can trust
  • BELIEVE them
  • Let them know your willingness to listen, but do not pressure them to talk about the assault
  • Ask how you may be of most help to them
  • Contact your local Sexual Assault Survivors' Centre about supports for yourself and the survivor in your life